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Saratoga designer dishes on how to create elegant

Your home isn’t a museum it’s a place where canada goose outlet parka you and your family cheap canada goose live, play and eat together. Messes, spills and scratches will happen, especially when kids are involved. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create an canada goose factory outlet elegant space, complete with beautiful things.

According to Beverly Tracy, of Beverly Tracy Home Design in Saratoga Springs, integrating kids into more formal spaces is not only possible, it’s functional.

The mother of two teenage sons, Tracy knows firsthand how cheap Canada Goose messy a home can get. «We’re the house where kids pile in, or the entire football team shows up,» she said. «So I’m very sensitive to the fact that we don’t want to create houses that families can’t live in.»

«Our goal is buy canada goose jacket cheap to make homes where families can feel comfortable homes that are practical and beautiful at the same time.» No more plastic coverings or adult only canada goose outlet rooms.

While canada goose outlet store uk giving a tour of a recent design overhaul at the Saratoga Springs home of Dr. Damon and Jennifer DeTeso, Tracy pointed out a gallery wall with baby photos and kiddie artwork tacked up in the kitchen.

«Already upon entering, you canada goose outlet in usa know there are kids here,» she said. «You know there’s a lot of life going on around here, because it’s full of color and energy.»

But it’s equally noticeable that the design veers towards the sophisticated, which is exactly what Tracy intended.

With Canada Goose online two children, aged nine and 10, and two cats, the DeTesos needed a home where every spilled juice box and scratch wouldn’t lead to canada goose uk black friday heartbreak. They needed kid friendly, canada goose outlet shop but Jennifer DeTeso didn’t want to sacrifice on glamour. It was a matter of accommodating her formal taste, while still accommodating for a family, Tracy said.

Enter her secret weapon fabrics treated with NanoGuard technology, which not only makes them extra durable, but stain repellent. «Liquids and spills will official canada goose outlet just bead off,» she said. It works on most fabrics even velvets, silks and linens so her clients can choose whatever speaks to them. In fact, the DeTesos chose all three for their main living spaces, and opted for plenty of velvet.

A catch all entry bench done in chartreuse silk with blue piping holds up against soggy gloves and slickers, while a dining set done canada goose coats in the reverse, featuring bold blue https://www.outletcanadagoose.biz textured velvet, stands up against food splatters. And yes, kids are not only allowed in this dining room, they’re welcomed. The space serves as a great spot for art projects and homework help.

«We chose things that are easily cleaned and wiped off,» Tracy said, so the DeTesos still have the style they dreamed of, minus the worry.

To up the wow factor, Tracy used plenty of gold, a trend she’s relieved has come back into fashion: «There’s been this return to elegance, and people are finally embracing gold again.»

Specialty gold flocked wallcovering, as well as metallic accents, canada goose outlet online a chandelier, classic bar cart and golden hued 100 percent silk shades, lend that extra bit of luxury Mrs. DeTeso was craving.

«You know you’re in a place that’s got that touch of glamour, but it’s not uptight,» Tracy said.

A healthy use of color livens things up even further, and makes a space feel more approachable, even exciting for kids hence the bold blues and greens, perhaps best showcased by an overdyed cobalt rug in the dining room.

«People have lived without color canada goose outlet for so long,» Tracy said. «Remember those grays and muted tones? Now they canada goose outlet store want color in their lives again.»

Having grown up near Cape Cod, Mrs. DeTeso gravitated toward blues and greens, hoping to bring a bit of that relaxing, beachy feel to Saratoga Springs. «These colors make Jennifer feel good,» Tracy said which is what design is really all about.

Tracy incorporated those same colors, but in lighter shades, throughout the rest of the downstairs space to tie everything together.

Faux leather stools in a pale aqua shade make a breakfast bar truly functional. «You can literally use Fantastik on them and not worry about it,» Tracy said.

The same goes for the eat in kitchen. Four chairs upholstered in the same faux leather, which has been treated to repel stains and germs, surround a sturdy table, chosen because it will stand up against daily abuse. «They wanted something usable, where dents and scratches wouldn’t be an issue,» Tracy said. It has since become a favorite homework spot.

A patterned rug canada canada goose uk shop goose jacket outlet in blues and whites further defines the space, as does a playful print of flatware.

«Anything to be different,» she said. «Again, this space is not uptight at all.»

Beauty and elegance meet out of necessity in the living room, which doubles as a family room and play space.

«Cozy and glamorous is hard to achieve, but I think it worked out really well here,» Tracy said.

Powder blue velvet ottomans, blue linen window treatments and a patterned accent chair, continue the color theme, while setting off a gray velvet sectional.

Tracy admits that last choice canada goose outlet reviews might seem rather daring, but when the velvet has been canada goose factory sale treated, it becomes a luxe, yet practical option. Velvet is not only warm, it’s cozy, she said.

Which makes it perfect for Saturday movie nights, as the family of four can snuggle up together under some throws, with their feet propped up on a velvet ottoman.

«Everything we used has that NanoGuard technology,» Tracy said. «You can put your feet up on that coral ottoman or even a tray of chips and salsa.» Although the color is an eye catcher, it’s not just for show.

Throughout the main living space, Tracy intentionally designed with family time in mind, including elements that would naturally draw the DeTesos canada goose together. «Everybody’s so busy these days, that it always seems like we don’t have enough time to spend together,» she said. But laying a space out in the right way can help.

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